Wish list

Features that I hope Digitech adds:
  • Allow multiple effects to be assigned to one switch. Older Digitech pedals could do this. Have me pick one to be editable from the pedalboard screen, or maybe even stack up to 3 pedals in one spot. If I can skin the pedals, I may be even able to make this look good!
  • Two delays in the chain. Some songs call for two different delays stacked together. Even better yet, how about dual signal paths? It sounds like DigiTech has spent a lot of time working on this, but is having issues making it work reliably in all cases.
  • Flexible footswitch assignments. I don't generally switch patches mid-song. I do toggle effects all the time. I don't like that the effects are the second row. I would rather that they were the first row. Let me assign that in the app. By the way, patch "A1" makes more sense to me than "1:1"! It's all software right, so this should be possible? What about adjusting parameters on the fly with the UP and DOWN buttons? If I can configure these with software, don't label them on the hardware or give me an easy way to relabel your hardware.
  • Improved patch management. Let me list more than one song and artist for a patch. If I change the patch, ask me whether to change it for all songs, or just the current song. Also let me save all my current bank assignments as a "gig" so I don't have to constantly reassign banks.
  • Better docking for iPad 2. I use the magnetic Apple "Smart Cover". It looks like I am going to have to remove it every time I dock. What do I do with it? I can put up with that, but I am frustrated that the app only works with the dock connector to the right. With the Smart Cover, that is upside-down from how I use it the rest of the time. The Smart Cover is used as a stand with the dock connector to the left. I lock my screen orientation like that. If I have to turn on the iPad in the iPB-10, I will have to wake it up and unlock it upside down. The docking orientation should be flipped in the next model!
  • Allow customization of the pedalboard appearance. Look at the pedalboard on the floor. If you didn't ever own that particular brand of pedal, are you going to recognize it by sight? Over hundreds of patches and , how likely is any player going to recognize all the pedals and amps and cabs by sight? And the words on the pedals are too small to read. I would love to be able to put my own labels under a pedal in big print such as "COMPRESSOR" or "DOD 250". I could also have the label say "VERSE 2" so I remember when to kick in the effect. I would also love to be able to "skin" the appearance of the pedal my pictures on my iPad. For fun, let me move the location of the pots too.
  • Assign footswitches for other iPad apps. When I launch my digital songbook, I would love to be able to flip pages with the iPB. Publish how other apps can use your hardware as a foot controller, and you might find that more software that is available, the more people buy your hardware. I really want a songbook, MP3 player, recorder, and looper that can be used with your hardware. And a metronome would be nice too, but add that to iPB Nexus... (V1.06 can control iTunes music playback)
  • Silent switches. I prefer the silent switches on the GNX4 to the click of a stomp button. Too late on this pedal, but maybe for the next?